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Fasting is Good for Your Dog

Fasting is Good for Your Dog

Fasting is Good for Your Dog


hungry cat and dog

I know you're busy - me too -  but sometimes we run out of food for our cat or dog unexpectedly. Call it modern living. Just please, please don't panic. Your pet can easily handle a little hunger. In fact, it's good for him!

Get this: "Wolves require at least 3.7 pounds of meat per day for minimum maintenance. Reproducing and growing wolves may need 2-3 times this much. It has been estimated that wolves consume around 10 pounds of meat per day, on average. However, wolves don’t actually eat everyday. Instead, they live a feast or famine lifestyle; they may go several days without a meal and then gorge on over 20 pounds of meat when a kill is made." (

Yeah, it's a crazy amount of meat that they eat (on average) per day, but that's not the point. The point is that canines and felines evolved over hundreds of thousands of years surviving on this feast-or-famine diet. True, your beagle or Siamese is not a wolf or a tiger, just distant cousins, but they can easily go a day without food. And if that bothers you so much, you can always feed them table scraps in the interim. Just please, please don't panic. They will be fine.

Believe it or not, there are actually dog experts who fast their dogs regularly or on occasion. The odd fast is good, unless you're like my late Uncle Saul, who once bit his wife, Tilly, when they ran out of Cracker Jacks. Understand this: you want a hardy dog, not a mollycoddled one. 

Just please take a chill-pill, your pampered pooch or kitty will be just fine if you run out of food unexpectedly. After all, you can always order online from us and get same day delivery. Then again, a Mrs. Meadys customer never runs out of food.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.