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How to Portion Your Pet's Meals

How to Portion Your Pet's Meals

How to Portion Your Pet's Meals


 golden retriever lying on wood floor

Seriously, do you weigh out your meal portions, eat at the same time every day?

Aside from Olympians, professional athletes and supermodels, do you really think its necessary to weigh each serving?

I think not.

Some days your pet will be hungrier than other days. Maybe he's burnt off a ton of calories chasing squirrels, playing at the dog park or gone for a long walk. Same kind of idea for your cat, particularly if it's out and about in the neighborhood terror moles and voles and bacon rolls.

Other days your pet may just not feel like eating much, as we do the day after a feast. On those days you can and should get by with less calories. Understand that your pet is not a machine and shouldn't be treated as such. Our pets are like an eternal toddlers and those little varmints needs flexibility in life. 

Approach feeding this way: you have a good idea of what is the recommended portion. You know how much exercise your critter has had that day and you probably can gage if he's having a low or high energy day. So adjust the portions accordingly. 

Let your dog be a dog, let him sniff during walks, roll in the snow and finesse treats even when he doesn't deserve it. 

And I think that applies to feeding him as well. And if he ain't hungry, leave your bewhiskered rapscallion alone - the odd fast is actually healthy. But for the love of mammal-kind, I beseech you, don't get hung up on micro-managing portion size. Throw caution to the wind dear reader, and let your inner voice fill or not fill the bowl.