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Treats with Benefits - Smelts

Treats with Benefits - Smelts

Treats with Benefits - Smelts

dog eating smelt as a treat

Would you rather have your kid eat an apple or a Mars bar? Don’t bother answering – I know what you’re gonna say. And what about your pet: a whole food or an ultra-processed cookie? How 'bout a whole treat that delivers a bunch of healthy benefits? A wunderfood that kept people alive throughout history, a protein-packed fish like a naturally-dried Lake smelt. 

Read on my friends, read on...


  • Shiny coat, reduced shedding and skin irritations
  • Encourages healthy brain development in puppies
  • Calms inflammation in arthritic joints 
  • Boosts stamina and immunology 
Dogs that supplement with omega-3 may reduce their chances of developing risk of stroke or other heart related problems. Supplementing Omega 3 also helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure, and promotes positive cognitive function and behavioral memory and performance. 

Omega 3 for dogs, abundant in Lake smelts help along the neural pathways and lubricate the cells. As a result this helps with inflammation, pain and swelling, for dogs with bad joints, old age or arthritis. 
Keep in mind that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids work in combination for the best results when it comes to controlling inflammation. Omega-6 increase inflammation and cell reproduction, while Omega-3 lowers inflammation. Balance is necessary for optimal health and comfort.

Regular supplementation of omega 3 fatty acids can increase the overall look and health of your dog’s skin and coat. It can help to reduce shedding, allergies, yeast infections and skin irritations.

Enough said. Protect your pooch or kitty with a power treat like Lake Smelts frozen or naturally-dried.