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How a Raw Diet Can Prevent Your Dog From Eating Dangerous Objects

How a Raw Diet Can Prevent Your Dog From Eating Dangerous Objects

How a Raw Diet Can Prevent Your Dog From Eating Dangerous Objects

painting of pugs dressed up like kids

You know that satiated feeling you get after you've had a sumptuous balanced meal? Maybe it's roast beef, or turkey, or salmon, or if you're a vegan...uh, beans and beans?

Same thing about raw diets, they're satiating.

Not the same thing with kibble. Ever have fast food and feel a little sick 90 seconds later? Soon your body calls you out for some nutrition. You eat an apple to get the grimy feeling off your teeth and something of value down your gullet, cuz prefab food just never cuts it.

Ditto for dogs on kibble. This epiphany whacked me over the head during one of my increasingly rare visits to the dog park.  

"Where ya been, Dave? We haven't seen you in ages?"

It didn't take long for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, (both kibble feeders), to brief me on their dog tales of woe.

"Fang ate a tennis ball, thought I'd let him try to poo it out before I dropped $4000 on an operation, but when that didn't happen and he stopped eating, I had to do the op. But found a cheap vet who did it for $1500, so it worked out great," Tweedle Dee said.


Tweedle Dum was next. "Shaggy ate a stuffed animal, a snake actually. It was like two feet long, only way to purge it was with an operation. Four grand later and he's doing fine. Since then, he eats less and lost the weight that he needed to. So we're good."


I thought back to when I was a dog-park regular trying in vain to convert Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum into raw feeders.

"In the end you'll save just on vet bills and your dog will be much healthier..." 

Of course they knew better, they extolled the virtues of their fancy science-something kibble at $90 a bag.

I politely listened and smiled, "Glad it all worked out."

It'll probably be another year till I revisit the park, but I'm sure Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum will have new stories for me to blog about.

"Fang ate my couch."

"Shaggy ate a lamp."