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How to Transition Your Dog From kibble to a Raw Diet

How to Transition Your Dog From kibble to a Raw Diet

How to Transition Your Dog From kibble to a Raw Diet

mastiff looking at a bowl of raw meat not at bowl of kibble

How do I transition my dog from a kibble diet to a raw one?

This is one of the most common questions dog-owners ask.

The short answer: Gently.

Now here’s the full answer:

Introducing your dog to a healthy new raw diet is something new to the little guy’s system. Start off by adding a meatball or two as a topping to your dog’s kibble. Let Rover sniff, lick and chew it. Bets are that he’ll take to it with gusto. Best of all, it shouldn’t rock his system; it’s just a new treat, a healthy natural one at that.  It’s a good idea to use use the same kind of meat during the transition period and to add a veggie meatball in week 2.  (You can mix up the variety of meat and fish once your dog has transitioned successfully to a raw diet).

Continue using the same  blend for the next couple of days and providing there’s no bad reactions, add another meatball or two (depending on his size) on day 4 and repeat for the rest of the week. Remember to reduce the amount of kibble that you’re feeding Rover.  For week 2 continue adding until by the end of the week you’re feeding him a 50 -50 mix – half raw, half kibble. You should be noticing some of the benefits of raw feeding already – better breath, less poo, more eating enjoyment. Your goal for week 3 should be to continue adding meatballs while reducing kibble until you are at a 75% raw, 25% mix. Providing all is going all is going well, you should continue at this pace for week 4 with a goal of achieving a 100% raw diet.  Always make sure to clean your dog’s bowl after every feeding.