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Benefits of Fresh Food for Cats and Dogs

Benefits of Fresh Food for Cats and Dogs

Benefits of Fresh Food for Cats and Dogs

cat and dog eating raw food from bowl

You don't need a nutritionist to tell you that fresh food is the healthiest way to eat. We already know that. Think about it: when you make a salad, do you use canned and dehydrated veggies? Do you prefer canned corned beef or a piping hot brisket out of the oven? Would you rather make your kid a roast beef sandwich or one with processed luncheon meats?

The choice is obvious, because as we all know, Fresher is better.

And the same line of reasoning applies to your cat or dog. How fresh is that "high quality" kibble with "natural" ingredients - that dry sac of pulverized nugget things  loaded with additives and preservatives, that inert foodstuff  with a shelf life of a year?

(Did you know that after it's opened, the food can go rancid after a couple of weeks if the fats in the blend seep into the food?) 

Probably not.

Ergo, it goes without saying that raw food is way way way fresher. It hasn't been pulverized, dried, manufactured and beaten beyond recognition. By golly, kibble is more abrasive than my Auntie Zelda's shrill rendition of Endless Love!

Now consider how smoothly the act of chewing meat and veggies is on the gums. Practically a massage. But rub a piece of kibble over your pet's gums and you've got an Auntie Zelda situation. 

You get my point, but there are even big differences among the various raw food brands. Most work through distributors, who in turn sell to retailers, who sell it to you. That means the food has passed through three warehouses, three transports, different temperatures and a lengthy sitting-on-a-shelf time.

We don't think that's good enough though. Your pets' food source should be direct. The maker should be the seller. Cut out the middlemen and get those raw meals in pets' bowls in a fraction of the time.

Like the Mrs. Meadys' salmon meal that your cat or dog is eating; that fish may have have been swimming around just the other day. 

And how good does that sound?