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The Alternate Universe of Dogs

The Alternate Universe of Dogs

The Alternate Universe of Dogs

“What are they asking for their house?”

A question that pretty much sums up my worldview.

Whatever they’re asking; it’s too much.

That's life, too much of everything.

Too much stuff to do: Get out of bed. Brush teeth. Put on socks. 

Who can deal with it all?

Not me or you over there in the beige sweater with the mustard stains — you definitely can’t deal with it.

But dogs, dogs slow things down and let you push aside the endless to-do list for a fleeting moment.

"Fleeting" is the keyword here.

Fortunately, dogs gift us with lots of those fleeting moments. And if you’re like me, and I suspect you are because you love pizza, those goofy ethereal wisps of time are your markers, your buoys of life.

Like when the dog ate your homework; the first time you did it.

Last time too.

Like Thanksgiving dinner when Snoopy followed Grandma everywhere; her first time in Depends.

Last time too.

I often think about the strangeness of sharing our lives with another species.

Aliens in our midst. A seat at the bar of the Star Wars legendary bar, Mos Eisley Cantina.

Strange, yet somehow more human too. A seat next to humanity at its best: Courage, loyalty, true friendship.

Festooned with laughs and inevitable heartache.

Dogs R Us. Warm-blooded, making no sense.

Dogs lead us to the porthole of a parallel universe. One that is more real, more true.

Nothing phony about a dog.

When you’re with a dog, Life reveals itself, no holds barred.

 And help get you through that endless to-do list.