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Freeze-Dried Tasty Bits

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Type: Dog Food
Pet food flavor

Freeze-Dried Tasty Bits - Balanced Mix is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Introducing our premium freeze-dried training treats for dogs and cats, crafted with love from the finest Canadian ingredients. Each 50-gram bag contains over 150 delectable morsels made from a blend of human-grade beef, chicken, beef organ meat, fresh veggies, and apples. Perfectly freeze-dried to lock in essential nutrients and natural flavors, these treats are free from additives and preservatives, ensuring a healthy and wholesome reward for your furry friends.

Ideal for training or as a tasty meal topper, our treats are designed to support your pet's well-being with every bite. The nutrient-rich blend promotes healthy coats, supports digestion, and provides essential proteins and vitamins. Conveniently packed in resealable bags, they're easy to take on the go. Elevate your pet's training experience and mealtime with these nutritious, delicious treats that cater to their natural instincts and dietary needs.