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Lamb Shank Bones

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Type: Dog Food

Lamb Shanks (2 pieces, approx. 1 Kg),, are a 100% natural alternative to unhealthy processed chews like rawhide. Better yet, lamb tails are super tasty, savory, loaded with protein and easy to digest.

Savory lamb tails are a crunchy and chewy snack that your small that will keep your dog (of any size) begging for more. The average lamb tail is approximately 4 inches long and have a 60% meat to 40% bone ratio. These meaty bones are sold in a convenient ziplock bag containing 2 pieces weighing approximately 1 Kg. Easy to store in your freezer, easy to handle and fun to serve. Your dog will love this ideal  combination of meat, fat, bone vertebrae and cartilage. Pssst…they are also chockful of nutrients.

These lamb tails deliver energy boosting protein, joint benefiting glucosamine and chondroitin, and bone enriching calcium. And there’s more – the chewy texture reduces plaque and tartar buildup. Treat your pooch or kitty to a meaty lamb shank as a treat or part of a meal.

Note of caution: Always monitor your dog while it's eating a bone. Never cook bones as they may splinter. 

"All Mrs. Meadys’ products come from locally sourced suppliers."

Naturally treated for purity with our 2PUR ™ system.

Food comes in vacuum packed pouches or ziplocked bags to ensure freshness and easy freezer storage.

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